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Gender Pay Equality

We are a diverse and inclusive organisation that employs talented people from various professions who share our vision of improving lives across the network of our schemes.

We value equality and diversity in everything we do and foster a culture of pride and belonging among our employees.

All companies with more than 250 employees are required to report their gender pay gap data. As of 5 April 2023, Progress Housing Association Ltd was the only organisation within Progress Housing Group with over 250 employees and was subject to that requirement. The data set out below presents Progress Housing Association Ltd’s gender pay report data for 2023, as required by the regulation.

However, beyond the legal obligation, we also pay attention to the gender pay gap across the entire Group. We have a consistent pay and grading system that evaluates jobs and sets pay based on their value, regardless of the employees’ gender in those roles.

We offer the same employment terms and conditions to both male and female employees, and we support all employees to work flexibly and access enhanced family-friendly benefits. This reflects our commitment to reward people fairly for their contribution, without any discrimination based on gender or other protected characteristics.

We hire people based on their ability to perform the job. We are confident that our gender pay gap data is mainly due to the unequal representation of a specific gender in certain roles rather than any other factor.